Friday, December 09, 2005

Listen to this birthday podcard --give me a intercultural challengting text

hello,every one. how about your weekend? i have nothing to do, so i listened the file and answered the question below.

What's the occasion?
i think it is Gabe'S birthday.

How many people are talking?
there are 3 people talking.

Who do you think they are?
they are gabe's father, mother and brother.

Who's having a birthday?
Gabe is haveing birthday.

Where is this person?
this person is in Rovereto Italy.

What happened with a passport?
it was missing and found leate on.

What's the weather like?
I think the weather is cold, snowing.

Do you know what a webcam is?
no, i do not know.

Search the internet to find a webcam from your hometown/country.

Where is Rovereto? Find information about it.
i will find it later.

Why should Gabe take pictures?
he can prepare a good powerpiont with these pictures.

What should he write in his diary?
he should write down anything different and interesting

What are other names for school bag?
the other name for school bag is backpack.

What is Gabe's mum telling him to do?
Gabe'S mun is telling him a lot of things. fristly, she told him to take some pictures, and prepare powerpoint. secndly, she told him to keep room tidy, and do some exercise. last, he should be careful when he skies and donot break his legs.

Is she worried about anything in particular?
the only one is not to break his legs.

What is Gabe's brother telling him he should learn? and why?
his brother told him to learn driveing, when he comes back he can pick up some girls.

Is he serious?
no. he is joking.

Monday, November 28, 2005

ESL Audio Experience

This is my first podcast. I introduce myself and talk about what I like and dislike about Sydney.

Download MP3. (677 KB, 02:53 minutes)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interview with a teacher called Nicole

Hi, everyone. What a lovely party yesterday, wasn't it?
Today I will answer the questions to another interview.look, here is my answer. Do you think I am getting better than before one? Actually, I feel I have no improvement at all.Maybe it is need more time.
Ok, Let's start.
1. She is a teacher inTAFE.She's job is tpyer?
2. She doesn''t like her job.
3. Because there is lot of job, awally has to learn some thing news.
4. She has to deal with non speaking english background, english speaking students.
5. She came form Barome, NSW.
6. she came to sydney at 19.
7. I think she want to find a job in Sydney.
8. She miss beach and her country.
9. She like to back to Poormucolia. will take her 35min to go to work.
11. She thinks sydney is too trifick.
12. good think is food. harder, bufterful city.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What an interview

Well, here I do not interview you. The following is just the answer I listened.maby it is usful to you to have a look at it carefuly and slowly, maby not. Anyway you have to look these answers bucause these are many mistake in it. Please check its out.
1. He is studying Building construction mangerment.
2. He is doing fourth year, the final year.
3. He has done low subjects, many construction low.
4. He has enjoyed the most subject is engineering and architecture subjects.
5. No. this course is not real practical, it is mixed.
6. I donot catched up He said. So I am not sure if He has done any subjects.
7. No. He has not got any plans to continue studying.
8.He is planning to go to Beach or oversea.
Note: the red words mean I do not know how to type. sorry!


Thursday, November 10, 2005

what is news

hi,I am Yuki. Nice to see you here.

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